Strongbad Defines the Difference Between Independent and Indie


Remember Homestar Runner? It was that flash cartoon that was popular about 8 or 9 years ago (when I was in junior high) that would have been funny if it weren’t incessantly quoted by the annoying kids. Well, it’s still around and still funny, just less popular, which makes it better by my flawed logic.

Anyway, in the Strongbad e-mail segment, Strongbad has defined the difference between an “independent film” and an “indie film.” All that he is saying has been said before, but never in such a witty fashion. According to Strongbad an “independent film” is some “boring, very personal no-budget film” and an “indie film” is a “$30 million dollar budget film that works hard to look like it was made by $5 million.”

This is definitely a must-see: check it out.

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