POLL: How Would You Describe the Summer 2012 Movie Season?

The Avengers (2012) Summer Movies Poll

For the first time in months the temperature outside actually feels a little like Fall. If you’re like me you anticipate the arrival of the autumnal equinox with great enthusiasm. Fall means cooler temperatures, football season, sweaters, and more adult-targeted movies in theatres. I know there are others who lament the end of Summer more than me, movies being not the least of their reasons. For this week’s poll we want to force you to pretend that Summer is over already.

Summer of 2012 was one of the most financially successful of all-time thanks in large part to The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, both among the top 15 highest grossing movies of all-time. Six movies from the Summer of 2012 have made more than $200 million at the Box Office which just adds to the dynamite year we have had. However, money is great for Hollywood, but we want to know about the quality of Summer movies. Are they better than average? Worse?

We want to hear your responses and your reasoning. Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments section! Be sure to name a few specific movies to support your claim. Phil and Alex will share their opinions on next week’s podcast. Your answer may be read on the Film Misery Podcast next week!

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  • Jose

    I thought it was terrible. All the movies I was anticipating underwhelemd or sucked (Avengers, Prometheus, Moonrise Kingdom, Bourne, Amazing Spider-Man and Snow White) but I was surprised that the movies I wasn’t excited for ended up being my favorites of the summer (Dark Knight Rises, Brave and Hope Springs). But that’s 3 stand outs out of tons of movies.

    And indies like Beasts of the Souther Wild, Safety Not Gauranteed and others I was looking for didn’t or won’t make it to my theater, looks like I’m driving to an arthouse theater at the end of the month to catch them.

  • This summer was simply all over the place. It had great, entertaining, surprisingly pleasant, massively disappointing, and painfully awful films interspersed throughout. It surely wasn’t a resounding rebound for megaplex cinema, but there were enough nice surprises to keep me from feeling totally jaded. It just tends to feel like it’s gone out with a whimper. Having absolutely maligned “The Dark Knight Rises”, everything in the duration of the summer just seem like increasingly hollow trifles.

  • I agree, 2012 Summer movie season was all over the place. It wasn’t excellent nor completely terrible. Some movies stood out as great entertainment (Avengers, Ted etc) and others that were suppose to be out of this world (TDKR) felt a bit flat. I found solace in the art house indie flicks the most.

    That said, i haven’t seen much of the summer blockbusters like Amazing Spider-man, Prometheus etc but they weren’t very great as i read some polarizing responses. I anticipated a lot of movies but they ended up disappointing me or the audience and then there were a few i thought wont work at all like Avengers but it proved to be a great entertaining movie (the best summer movie without a doubt).

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