//Sundance Weekend Wrap-Up – Days 2-4 (Part 1)

Sundance Weekend Wrap-Up – Days 2-4 (Part 1)

Photo from "The Runaways"


  • Nowhere Boy – Chris Bumbray of JoBlo gives the John Lennon biopic mild praise, saying Aaron Johnson was great.
  • Get Low – Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere calls Get Low “a first-rate backwoods American drama” and lists it as one of his highlights of the festival so far.
  • Restrepo – Allison Whillmore of Independent Lens says the film has some shocking real combat footage and is smartly assembled.
  • 7 Days – Alan Bacchus of Daily Film Dose says that the film attempts “the Lars Von Trier, Michael Haneke tradition of visceral uncompromising physical and psychological torture,” but only somewhat succeeds.
  • Daddy Long Legs – Neil Miller of Film School Rejects believes this film is one of Sundance’s “misses.”

  • Hesher – Peter Knegt of indieWIRE predicts that there won’t be a bidding frenzy for Hesher, like was thought because it was an overall disappointment.
  • Splice – Kurt Halfyard of Twitch calls this Vincenzo Natali’s “most handsomely crafted film to date.”
  • Climate RefugeesThe Independent says this film puts a “human face” on the climate change crisis.
  • His and Hers – Alan Bacchus of Daily Film Dose calls this one of the best films of the festival.
  • Catfish – Allison Whitmore of Independent Lens reviews one of the films that has been frequently called “the hit of the festival” so far.
  • The Company Men – David Chen of /Film praises John Wells’ film in this video review, although I have heard most responses have not been so favorable.
  • Happythankyoumoreplease – Sam Adams of The Independent Lens says “no thanks.”
  • Four Lions – Todd Brown of Twitch says that the terrorist farce actually works.
  • Boy – Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere says that Taika Waititi’s Boy is the other must-see film of the festival.
  • Armless – Scott Weinberg of Cinematical believes that this film is unusual, excellently acted, and smart.
  • Winter’s Bone – James Rocchi of The Independent Lens says that this film harkens back to previous bleak Sundance efforts like Frozen River.
  • Welcome to the Rileys – Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere says that Kristen Stewart is one of the best parts of the film.
  • The Runaways – Speaking of Kristen Stewart, her other film at the fest is getting great reviews including this one from Kevin Kelly of Cinematical. However, he says the movie really belongs to Michael Shannon.
  • Cyrus – Neil Miller of Film School Rejects gives the Jonah Hill, John C. Reilly comedy a positive review.
  • Smash His Camera – Bilge Ebiri of The Independent Lens praises the documentary film for its “effortless clarity.”
  • Waiting for Superman – Davis Guggenheim’s documentary was the first to get distribution, and Scott Weinberg of Cinematical likes it.

More Sundance news to come in Part 2.

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