‘Super 8’ Interactive Trailer Blurs the Line Between Video Games and Movies

Included as an extra feature in the new release of the video game Portal 2 is an interactive movie trailer for J.J. Abrams upcoming science fiction film Super 8. Players begin on the train that is transporting some type of alien life form and have a few minutes to explore before an explosion occurs. The player survives the explosion and is given the next several minutes to explore the nicely rendered wreckage. After about two minutes the screen freezes and the player faces a train car with a large life form within and similar footage from the first Super 8 teaser trailer is shown. Vulture has posted a video of the interactive trailer, which can be seen below.

In typical J.J. Abrams, the game seems to be full of clues about the movies. Against one wall is a checklist that seems to indicate that the train is carrying livestock, there is a mysterious symbol on boxes in the train consisting of three dots, and after the wreckage occurs there appears to be no presence of humans or livestock. What these clues might indicate, I will not attempt to predict, but the entire experience does a nice job of teasing the film as Abrams has been apt to do in all of the footage we have seen thus far.

With the inclusion of an interactive trailer for a movie in a popular video game, J.J. Abrams has further blurred the lines between video games and movies. The influence of video games has been huge on recent Hollywood action and adventure movies with first person camera angles, continuity editing, and fight sequences that seem to occur in levels – saving the most difficult opponents for last. Story lines have even been lifted directly from video games and used for blockbuster scripts like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was influenced by its preceding game, according to Geek.com.

Many have argued whether or not the influence of video games on movies is a positive thing, and that may be a conversation for another post (or podcast). One thing that is certain, however, is that with the video game industry now earning more than Hollywood, that influence is not going away.

Check out the Super 8 interactive trailer below and share your thoughts in the comments!

Super 8 will be in theatres in the U.S. on June 10, 2011.

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