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Ginger Mustache After 1.5 weeks

The mustache is beginning to take shape.

As we announced on last week’s episode of the Film Misery Podcast, I will be participating in Movember to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues. For those who are unfamiliar, Movember takes place during the entire month of November. Starting on the first of the month, all participants must shave their faces clean and gradually grow and nurture a mustache throughout the month. This facial decoration is intended to raise awareness for issues like prostate and testicular cancer research. Participants are also able to set up a page on where people can donate to the mustache of their choice, with all proceeds going to cancer research and prevention.

We have decided to add an extra incentive to encourage your donation to my ginger mustache growing effort. All individuals who donate to my Movember campaign will be automatically entered into a drawing to choose the next film for Phil and I to review on an upcoming episode of the Film Misery Podcast. So if you have been dying to force me to watch a 1970s horror movie, or Phil to watch a golden age movie musical, you better donate now!

A donation of only $1.00 will get you one entry in the drawing. Every additional dollar after that will increase your odds (i.e. $5.00 = 5 entries). We will also be supplementing the campaign with segments on our personal favorite movie mustaches. Charlie Chaplin, Burt Reynolds, Sam Elliot, Groucho Marx, and many more are likely to come up in that conversation.

Donate Now!

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