Survey: Help Improve Film Misery

During this break between Holidays I will be working on a new design for Film Misery in preparation for the new year. Before I get too far, however, I want to hear from you. What can I do to make Film Misery better? What is your ideal movie site? Help me out by answering these three questions:

1) What do you like best about Film Misery?

2) What new features should I add or what would you like to see more of?

3) What are your favorite movie-related websites and what do you like best about them?

Feel free to add any other questions or comments you have. If you’d rather not post in the comments – e-mail me.

  • I would like to see content from the old Oscar Addict site added here, such as your awards from previous years and other such things. That’s all that I can think of.

  • Oh, and other movie related web sites I love are “In Contention”, “Awards Daily”, “The Film Experience”, “Movies with Abe”, and “Awards Circuit”. Most of them have a lot more coverage, because they have an entire staff working on them. But, to be honest, your site is among my favorites.

  • Brandon Cooley

    Something that might be fun is to have an oscar prediction competition. Before they announce the nominees, we could all try to predict them and see who comes closest.

  • That does sound like fun.

    By the way, “Avatar” was a major disappointment to me. The visuals were great, but the dialogue was cheesy and the story was preachy. Am I the only one who wanted to scream every time the ond of the characters said “I see you”?

    My full review is on my blog:

    I give it a B-

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