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Academy Reveals Doc Short List – ‘Cove’ In, ‘Capitalism’ Out

In a somewhat surprising move, the Academy did not include Michael Moore’s latest documentary Capitalism: A Love Story on their documentary shortlist. Yesterday the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced the 15 documentaries who have been passed on to the next level of nominations. Despite Capitalism: A Love Story being liked by critics […]

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REVIEW: ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’

Grade: B+ Nobody listens to Michael Moore. Sure his films may be well-reviewed, successful at the box office, and receive a lot of awards attention from the film community, but nobody really listens to him. In 2003 he released Farenheit 9/11, a film highly critical of the Bush administration at a time when Bush had […]

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10 Awards Season Boosts Provided by Toronto

The most influential film festival of the year has come and gone with a lot of the necessary Awards discussion. Studios and Oscar watchers are now trying to get a feel for what the festival did to the Awards race. Which films and stars got the biggest boost? Which films have fallen off the charts? […]

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8 Movies from Toronto Over the Weekend

Being out of town over the weekend, I got way behind on my coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival. The daily wrap-ups will continue tonight, but for now here’s a look at what happened over the long weekend: 1) Precious has landed at its fourth major film festival this year and the Oscar buzz […]

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Coming this Fall – ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’

Variety reports that Michael Moore has announced the title for his latest documentary. His skewering of the U.S. financial system will be called Capitalism: A Love Story. Is it just me or is Moore becoming increasingly sarcastic? He always has used a lot of over-the-top sarcasm to make his point, which has been used for […]

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