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Top 10 Fred Astaire Dance Scenes

If someone were to compile a list (and I’m sure some people have) of the greatest dance scenes in cinematic history, several additions to the list will undeniably belong to the great Fred Astaire. The man transformed how dance scenes are filmed, pioneering new methods like filming a dancer from head to toe and using […]

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Of the Day – 12.28.09

Read of the Day: The American Film Institute releases another list, this one notes the moments of significance in 2009 cinema. [In Contention] Oscar/News of the Day: I’m lumping the News of the Day and Oscar News of the day into one because it was a slow day. 5,777 ballots for Academy members to make […]

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Take the Ultimate Fred Astaire Quiz!

Career appreciation for the great Fred Astaire is beginning to pick up for the month of December. I’ve been watching some of the early Astaire/Rogers classics and as a result my days have been grand. Starting off coverage of the dancing sensation I have compiled the ultimate Fred Astaire quiz. There are 25 questions ranging […]

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December at Film Misery is Fred Astaire Month!

Career appreciation gets back into gear this month after a brief hiatus (my apologies to William Wyler). Things will kick back into gear with an entire month dedicated to the illustrious career of the great Fred Astaire. This is the first Career Appreciation I have ever done for a non-filmmaker and I’m very excited. Whenever […]

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