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Having a Funny Time at the Box Office

For another weekend in a particularly funny summer, a comedy tops the box office. Judd Appatow’s latest Funny People tops this time around, bringing in a modest, but impressive $23.44 million. The higher than normal box office draw for comedies this summer is a wonderful phenomenon. They haven’t been exploding like the summer blockbusters, but […]

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The Inappropriateness of ‘Funny People’

This is hilarious. There is a sight called Screen It! that reviews movies based on how appropriate they are for the family. They rate films based on several categories incluing alcohol/drug use, disrespectful/bad attitude, guns/weapons, imitative behavior, music (scary/tense), music (inappropriate), sex/nudity, smoking, tense family scenes and several others. Well, apparently the folks over at […]

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NEW IN THEATRES: The Funny and the Nottie

Man, I need to catch up on my theatrical viewings. There is another batch of great films that I’m dying to see this weekend, including a fascinating documentary, a Cannes-favorite horror film, and a commercial comedy from one of the best. Here are the Theatrical Picks of the Week for July 31st, 2009: 1) Funny […]

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News and Links: July 1, 2009

It’s been a few days since I’ve compiled a news and links page mostly because the majority of coverage has just been about the recent slew of deaths and I didn’t want to beat a dead horse (bad phrase?). Anyway, here are the news and links for July 1, 2009: Previews/Trailers: JoBlo points us to […]

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Adam Sandler Becomes ‘Little Man’

A new viral video was released today as part of the marketing for Judd Appatow’s Funny People. They are going all out with the marketing for this film and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. First it was a full website dedicated to the fake TV show “Yo Teach” starring Jason Schwartzman as an inspiring inner city […]

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Fake Sitcom as Part of Appatow’s ‘Funny People’

As a marketing ploy for Judd Appatow’s Funny People, NBC.com has set up a fake website for the fake sitcom “Yo Teach…!” that is featured in the movie. It features Jason Schwartzman as actor Mark Taylor Jackson who plays “Teach” in the sitcom. Sadly, this would be better than most sitcoms on television. Actually, if […]

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