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Of the Day – 02.02.10

Read of the Day: Why are there so few female directors? Is that age-old Hollywood trend of the masculine auteur coming to an end? [The Guardian] News of the Day: Matt Damon says that the next Bourne film might be a prequel. It’s still not worth seeing if Paul Greengrass isn’t attached. [Empire] Review of […]

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TRACKING THE OSCARS: Supporting Actor and Actress

It seems a moot point to write a column about the Supporting Actor and Actress categories this Oscar season. The race on both fronts is pretty much set on both fronts, right? Christoph Waltz and Mo’Nique are on the fast track to Oscar glory with very little possibility of anything standing in their way. The […]

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Paul Greengrass says ‘Green Zone’ is to be Same Tone as ‘Bourne’ Movies in New Featurette

Paul Greengrass’ Bourne trilogy was a treat for action film aficionados. The brilliant technical achievement as well as the intelligent story combine to make the ultimate action film. With Greengrass and Matt Damon’s newest collaboration, Green Zone, a lot of us are hoping that they are able to re-create the magic of the Bourne films. […]

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