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Early ‘Invictus’ Reviews Trickle In

There are very few films yet to be released in 2009 that don’t have a critical consensus already brewing. Of the films that have not screened at film festivals or early previews, one that has piqued a lot of interest is Clint Eastwood’s Invictus. Oscar bloggers are vigorously igniting the discussion of what type of […]

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10 Awards Season Boosts Provided by Toronto

The most influential film festival of the year has come and gone with a lot of the necessary Awards discussion. Studios and Oscar watchers are now trying to get a feel for what the festival did to the Awards race. Which films and stars got the biggest boost? Which films have fallen off the charts? […]

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REVIEW: ‘The Informant’

Grade: B+ I get a kick out of in-jokes; jokes that are framed with a reference that only certain members of a given audience will get. A lot of times I am not that member of the audience. References to politics, literature, and pop culture occasionally go over my head. However, in Steven Soderbergh’s latest […]

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Matt Damon Won’t Let the Studios Ruin ‘Bourne’

There have been rumors flying left and right about a possible fourth Jason Bourne spy thriller. Matt Damon was asked about it in a recent interview with Empire Magazine at the Venice Film Festival. Apparently the dollar-hungry studio executives are hungry for a sequel in a series that is almost guaranteed to do well at […]

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First Photo From Invictus Mimics Book Cover

Above is the first official photo released from Clint Eastwood’s upcoming film Invictus starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. The photo looks strikingly similar to the cover of the book Playing the Enemy by John Carlin, on which the film is based. Just add a trophy and some smiles and you’ve got it.

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Trailer for Soderbergh’s ‘The Informant!’

This film is way more of a comedy than I had first thought. Probably not a Best Picture contender, but for sure look for it in the adapted screenplay category and maybe, just maybe Matt Damon for Best Actor. He looks fantastic in the lead role, but remember how difficult it is to get noticed […]

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