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Satellite Awards 2009

Finally an awards body went for something a little different than the rest of the crowd. And finally, Michael Stuhlbarg got some props. It’s looking less and less likely that his fantastic performance in A Serious Man is going to be recognized with an Oscar nod. They also went with an outside the box pick […]

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SAG Actors Praise Fellow Actors

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is able to skillfully balance joy and sadness with such delicacy. There is something about his smile, something light and deep, and, at the same time, there is also something about his eyes, sparkling and poetic. In the black-and-white sequence, his performance in “500 Days of Summer” is reminiscent of an old-fashioned movie […]

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REVIEW: ‘A Serious Man’

Grade: A For a filmmaker, or artist in general, it seems to be an unwritten rule that once you’ve reached success in your career, you must revisit your childhood and dissect the environment that formed your personality. Sometimes these endeavors are dark and mysterious, sometimes they are comical and reminiscent, and sometimes they subvert the […]

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