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Reader Top 5 Hitchcock Films

The poll results are in and here are the top 5 Hitchcock film based on your votes: 5 and 4) North by Northwest and The Birds (tie) 3) Rear Window 2) Psycho 1) Vertigo All the rest of the list was pretty close. Check it out after the jump. If you want to defend your […]

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POLL RESULTS: FM Readers Go to Bed Early

According to the latest poll, 41% of you go to ZERO midnight screenings a year. I’m guessing that probably means you’re either catching the film the next day or over the opening weekend. A surprising 9% of you go to 6 or more midnight showings a year. That’s impressive. I’m of the camp that attends […]

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POLL RESULTS: Reviews only kind of matter

The results to last week’s poll and a staggering 75% of you said that reviews only somewhat affect your decision to see a movie. I am guessing that the readers of this and similar film blogs do not represent the majority of U.S. filmgoers (the people paying t0 see Ice Age 3). Only 11% of […]

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