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SAG Actors Praise Fellow Actors

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is able to skillfully balance joy and sadness with such delicacy. There is something about his smile, something light and deep, and, at the same time, there is also something about his eyes, sparkling and poetic. In the black-and-white sequence, his performance in “500 Days of Summer” is reminiscent of an old-fashioned movie […]

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Get Your Sam Rockwell for Best Actor T-Shirt

Duncan Jones, director of the 2009 science fiction film Moon, is stumping for actor Sam Rockwell in a unique way. He has come up with a t-shirt design that encourages voters to choose Sam Rockwell for Best Actor for his role in Moon. I must say, I definitely support this campaign as I think Sam […]

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REVIEW: ‘Moon’

Grade: B- A mix of emotions comes over me when I see an underestimated actor delivering a truly brilliant performance. I feel awe at the scope of their talent. I feel curious because I want to see more of their work in the future and from the past. I also feel frustrated because I know […]

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