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‘Avatar’ Gets Another Box Office Win for Christmas

James Cameron’s enormous budget sci-fi film almost replicated its opening weekend returns with a huge second weekend. Avatar held off the blockbuster might of Sherlock Holmes, the family appeal of Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel, and the romantic comedy draw of It’s Complicated to become the number one film for the second week […]

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REVIEW: ‘Sherlock Holmes’

Grade: C The Hollywoodization of Inspector Sherlock Holmes is complete. The new version of the intellectual detective is a brawny ladies man who thirsts for physicality as much as he longs for truth. He doesn’t just stroll around sleuthing with a magnifying glass – he enters bare knuckle boxing matches and “outwits” his opponents. The […]

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Of the Day – 12.16.09

Read of the Day: The Cahiers du cinema have announced their prestigious top 10. [Living in Cinema] News of the Day: The Criterion Collection have announced their releases for March. Malick’s Days of Heaven and Kurosawa’s Yojimbo are among them. [Reel Artsy] Review of the Day: Critic David Denby shares his thoughts on Avatar and […]

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Of the Day – 12.15.09

Read of the Day: The top 25 documentaries of the decade. It’s a fantastic list that makes me want to re-watch all of them (or see a few for the first time). [The Playlist] News of the Day: The film adaptation of the dynamic Broadway musical In the Heights was announced a while ago and […]

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Of the Day – Episode 6 – 10.26.09

Read of the Day: Several bloggers are speculating about the possibility that James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar movie is ripped off from a 1957 short story by Poul Anderson. There are quite a few undeniable coincidences. [CHUD] News of the Day: My hopes for Ricky Gervais to be the Oscar host are probably not coming true […]

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7 Oscar Possible Movies That Have Yet to Be Seen

In the past several years it has been the trend that by October frontrunners in the Oscar race have emerged and the list of possible nominees is nearly set. However, there are always those movies that creep up at the eleventh hour and blow everybody away. Even though most of the Awards probable films are […]

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