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IN THEATRES: Do I even have to?

As I reported in yesterday’s “Other News” update, Star Trek is already controlling over 80% of online ticket sales. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did better than the other top 10 films this weekend combined, even with Wolverine still in the mix and the fact that the “X-Men” film is in about 250 more […]

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Confessions of a Non-Trekkie

I spent most of my life as a closet nerd. Growing up in an athletic family and having a group of jock friends, I had to hide the fact that I was having geek tendencies in order to avoid ridicule. I pretended I was not going to LAN parties on weekends, I disguised my comic […]

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Predicting the Summer Box Office

2009 has already been a record year already at the box office and we haven’t even touched the money-making months of summer yet. As usual there are a number of summer blockbusters that are coming to theatres this summer that will rake in the dough. The question is, will there be one major standout like […]

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