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Modern Classics – Memento

I was amazed and entertained while watching Memento. It’s a perfect fable of a movie. I felt like Nolan sat me down and said “Want to hear a good story? OK, but guess what I’ll tell it backwards and see if you can follow”. Simple as that.

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86 Movies Have Sold More Tickets Than ‘Avatar’

While scrolling through my RSS feeds over the last few days I’ve noticed that it seems every other article is some journalist raving about the record-setting Box Office of Avatar. James Cameron’s epic has earned its way into the number two spot in the all-time worldwide box office, behind his other blockbuster Titanic. People’s minds […]

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News and Links: Back into the Swing of Things

My internet is back up and running and it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I’m working on a review and a best Chaplin movies article to wrap up the belated Chaplin month. Also, remember TOMORROW is the last day for the Daily Trivia Contest and the race is tight. Even if […]

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