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Apparently Some Garbage is Critic Proof

You know how there is always that guy in high school who was a cocky douchebag that you hated, but he somehow still dated the most attractive girl in school? That’s like Michael Bay in the movie world. He produces an awful piece of indulgent garbage and he cleans up. And the geeks can just […]

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NEW IN THEATRES: Avoid it if you can!

There are some fantastic smaller films releasing today and one huge one that released earlier this week. It’s no secret that when choosing between a summer blockbuster and a small indie, 9 times out of 10 the smaller film will be the better of the two. But you can make your own decision. Here are […]

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New ‘Hurt Locker’ Trailer

Just released today is a new trailer for the upcoming film The Hurt Locker directed by Katherine Bigelow. It looks like a solid thriller, but I still just can’t imagine Oscar going for an Iraq war movie after so many have come and gone with little or no awards recognition.

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