Teaser Trailer and Concept Art for Pixar’s ‘Cars 2’

The perfect track record of the Pixar Studio is in danger of being tainted with the release of next summer’s Cars 2. The original 2006 film has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score in the entire franchise with a dismal 74%, making it the only film in the entire series to score lower than 90%. Cars is also the Pixar film that has the lowest worldwide gross of any film since the year 2000. However, the Cars franchise has earned the studio over $2 billion in merchandise sales since its release, which makes it seem like making Cars 2 the first non-Toy Story Pixar sequel is a money grab. However, the Cars characters have also appeared in more original short films than any other Pixar films’ characters, so the minds in Emeryville must get some sort of inspiration from the vehicular ensemble.

The sequel brings back the voice talents of Owen Wilson as the race car Lightning McQueen and Larry the Cable Guy as the rusty pickup truck Mater. It will be co-directed by John Lasseter, the Pixar CEO who directed the first film, and Brad Lewis, the producer behind Ratatouille. The sequel will be a globe hopping endeavor where the Cars travel to such countries as England, France, and Italy.

The brief glimpse that can be gleaned from the 30-second teaser indicates nothing special. It looks like the film is trying too hard to continue to sell Mater as a hilarious character, but it feels like his shtick is getting old. We will find out next June if Pixar has what it takes to keep their phenomenal streak alive or if this signals a downward trend for the animation studio.

Check out the teaser trailer below and the concept images after that.

Cars 2 will be in theatres in the U.S. on June 24, 2011.

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    They just want to sell more car toys.
    Pixar should put their efforts on original stories and not sequels. I don’t want to watch Monsters Inc 2 either.

  • I’m not worried… yet. I thought the first “Cars” was pretty good, and after making so many great films I have faith that Pixar will do it again.

    I’m still more excited for “Brave”, though. And I wish they hadn’t scrapped “Newt”.

  • I’m not concerned, their reliability outweighs their concepts.

  • Mike

    They’re turning into spies? Oh lord this looks bad. However, teasers for Pixar movies are always not very good.

  • Jose

    I differ Mike.
    Look no further than the teaser for “The Incredibles”.

    I don’t mind them making sequels, just as long as the film deserves one (And this one doesn’t, it is not fair that we’re getting Cars 2 instead of The Incredibles 2, same goes for Monsters Inc. 2, the first one wasn’t bad, but why is a sequel necessery?).

  • Oh, I agree. “The Incredibles 2” would be awesome, although I thought the first one ended with a great sense of closure. But this studio has made so many great ORIGINAL films that I’m not sure any sequels are necessary. On the other hand, they want to make money, which I totally get. Just as long as “Brave” is great…

  • I think it will be a harmless film, and harmless to the pixar reputation, and i don’t think they will actually be spies, Mike.

  • http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=25795

    Nevermind, apparently there is a spy-ish subplot. But I’m not gonna lie, that description doesn’t sound bad. It’s a stretch, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s pixar.

  • Jake G.

    Cars is the least liked pixar film and for them to make a sequel is a big mistake! But who knows with pixar…..they never dissapoint!

  • Jose

    But G, its a superhero film! There’s never closure with them because you can mess around with a lot of messages and stuff.

    LOL Davin, that plot description has been on Wikipedia for over a year.

  • J

    Hey, who ever thought that Toy Story 3 would be a good idea? Don’t underestimate Pixar.

  • Yeah, I guess I didn’t care enough to read into Cars 2 until now, although honestly, that seemed like a trailer joke to me.

  • Jose

    J, everyone did.

    This one I don’t mind though, it really does seem harmless, I guess that the hate is stemming from the fact that since ’08 Pixar has been making great films, now their latest film is a sequel that no one was a real big fan of.

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