‘The Fighter’ Trailer Doesn’t Look Like a David O. Russell Film

One of the biggest question marks for the upcoming Oscar season is whether or not David O. Russell’s The Fighter will be a competitor (pun intended). Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg have the potential to be major contenders for acting Oscars and David O. Russell’s outside of the box direction could bring this film in a new direction and give us an unconventional boxing movie.

We finally get our first glimpse from the film with the premiere of its trailer on iTunes today and my initial reaction is that it does not look like a David O. Russell movie. The performances from Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale look like they could easily be emotionally stirring and attention grabbing, but overall it looks like a conventional sports movie and not a film from the director behind Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees. Based on the trailer I can surmise that a failed boxer with a heart of gold wants to win a big match in order to see more of his daughter who lives with his ex-wife who finds him a failure and there is a girl who has baggage in her past as well who hits it off with the heart of gold boxer and she inspires him to give it one more shot, which he does and succeeds because he has so much damn heart.

My gut tells me that this will not be a big success this Holiday season, but it could turn into this year’s The Blind Side. I don’t want to predispose of the movie, but suffice to say I was pretty disappointed by the trailer. I had higher hopes for Russell, Bale, Wahlberg, and Adams then what the trailer delivers. Head over to Apple Trailers and check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

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  • I hate that people keep saying “it could be this year’s “The Blind Side”‘. The only reason that was actually nominated was because of its commercial success. It was a good movie, but not Oscar potential. It happened one time. It needs to happen repetitively to become a trend. Right now, it’s just a cliche’.

  • And I’m not just talking about “The Fighter”. I also mean in regards “Secretariat”, and a slew of other feel good films.

  • ‘The Blind Side’ also only made it in because of ten nominees. It’s just like people saying ‘Toy Story 3’ is this year’s ‘Up’ or this year’s ‘District 9’. The rules have changed and for now we only have last year for comparison (besides the 1930s and 40s).

  • I see Conviction as being the films that bares the strongest resemblance to The Blid Side, I predict this one being much more in-your-face. I still call it a strong player.

  • that is I still call The Fighter a player, not Conviction.

  • I wouldn’t compare The Fighter to The Blind Side, just because I think this trailer alone is better than that movie. I think this looks like an actors movie primarily i’m talking nods for Wahlberg, Bale and Adams. They look excellent. I’m sure it has a shot for best picture though mainly because boxing movies always do good no matter how cliche they get.

  • @Matthew “boxing movies always do good no matter how cliche they get.”

    That is very true.

  • I don’t see a nod for Wahlberg happening, because it doesn’t look like anything more than what I’ve already seen from him. Christian Bale looks like he has a pretty good chance because of the role he plays. Adams’ role doesn’t look that spectacular, so I wouldn’t count on one for her.

    And the difference between films like “Toy Story 3” and “District 9” and films like “The Blind Side” and “Conviction” is the former two were truly extraordinary, and better than most of the movies out there. The 10 nominations was done to expand category to more audience friendly films and blockbusters, and this looks like neither. I’m sorry to be bagging on this, but I just don’t see anything that great about it, beside Christian Bale.

  • Quinn

    I can’t wait for this movie. It was all filmed where I live and I’ve met the characters in it. Actually my friends saw the person it is based on and Mark Wahlberg at a bar but Walhberg was in disguise. But that’s not the only reason I want to see it. It looks fantastic. I hope it gets Oscar nominations, andI really think Walhberg will get in for Best Actorr if his performance is good. And about the “Blind Side”, when i saw that movie was nominated, I could not believe it. It was outrageous. And “Conviction” looks not very good, besides Hilary Swank’s performance which I think looks good. The writing, based on the trailer, Isn’t good.

  • Reid

    The film doesn’t look like a best picture contender or a best actor contender for M.W. but Bale looks like he’ll give an amazing performance simply because it’ll be so different than his past roles.

  • Jose

    I can see a nod for Bale and Adams, but the overall movie doesn’t look good. From the trailer it looks like to much stuff is going on and I’m just not sold on this movie.

  • Jose

    I mean, is it just me or does Mark Wahlberg look bored in this movie?

  • I’m actually confused on the story after seeing this trailer, but I’d be surprised if this wasn’t a major player. As for Mark Wahlberg looking bored, hell no. This is his passion project that he has worked for, for 4 years! I can see it, but I do agree that Bale looks more impressive.

  • Jose

    I know its his passion project, but he looks like he has the same facial expressions that he does in his other movies, I equate that with boredom.

  • Davin Lacksonen

    It is his style, and it doesn’t appear to match his brilliant turn in The Departed, but I still don’t see bored. Agree to disagree I suppose.

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