‘The King’s Speech’, David Fincher Score at BAFTA Awards 2011

Unsurprisingly the big winner on the night of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards was Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech. The Oscar favorite took home seven BAFTA awards including the ones for Best Picture, Best British Film, and Best Original Screenplay. One of the categories where the film somewhat surprisingly did not win was Best Director where The Social Network‘s David Fincher received some of that film’s only kudos. Tom Hooper, a voting member of the British Academy, did not manage to ride the wave of his film’s success and earn the vote of his countrymen, which begs the question of whether or not he will have the support to win with the American Academy. His film is heavily favored to win Best Picture at the Oscars in two weeks, but Hooper may not have the opportunity to leave his seat while many other members of his film earn their respective awards.

Some of the Awards handed out by BAFTA are not likely to be reciprocated by AMPAS. For instance, the Best Supporting Actress Award went to Helena Bonham Carter for her performance in The King’s Speech. In the Oscar race she seems like the 4th or 5th most likely candidate to win behind some very strong American (and Australian) competition. However, many of the other awards given out by the British Academy give some perspective as to where members of the American Academy’s heads might be at. Inception and Alice in Wonderland dominated the technical categories, which they are likely to do at the Oscars as well.

View the full list of winners below and be sure to share your thoughts on how the BAFTA Awards influence the Oscar race in the comments.

Best Film
The King’s Speech

Outstanding British Film
The King’s Speech

David Fincher – The Social Network

Outstanding Debut By A British Writer, Director Or Producer
Chris Morris – Four Lions

Leading Actor
Colin Firth -  The King’s Speech

Leading Actress
Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Supporting Actor
Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech

Supporting Actress
Helena Bonham Carter – The King’s Speech

Original Screenplay
The King’s Speech – David Seidler

Adapted Screenplay
The Social Network – Aaron Sorkin

Film Not In The English Language
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Animated Film
Toy Story 3

Original Music
The King’s Speech – Alexandre Desplat

True Grit – Roger Deakins

The Social Network – Angus Wall, Kirk Baxter

Production Design
Inception – Guy Hendrix Dyas, Larry Dias, Doug Mowa

Costume Design
Alice in Wonderland – Colleen Atwood

Inception – Richard King, Lora Hirschberg, Gary A Rizzo, Ed Novick

Special Visual Effects
Inception – Corbould, Franklin, Lockley, Bebb

Make Up & Hair
Alice in Wonderland – Valli O’Reilly, Paul Gooch

Short Animation
“The Eagleman Stag” – Michael Pleas

Short Film
“Until the River Runs Red” – Paul Wright, Poss Kondeatis

Orange Wednesdays Rising Award
Tom Hardy

[Source: indieWIRE]

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  • julian

    Why do you find that HBC is only in the 4th or 5th spot at the oscars in supp actress?? I mean, the way I see it, it is a tight three horse race between HBC, Steinfeld and Leo. Adams and Weaver is out at this point, but it is almost impossible to point out a frontrunner among the remaining three. Yes, Leo should be considered a frontrunner with her SAG and GG win, but Steinfeld will certainly put on a good fight (she is a lead, she is young and likable, TG deserves a consolation prize). BUT if the oscars 2011 is a “sweep year” for TKS, HBC could easily slide in front both of her competitors.
    So, what are your reasoning for putting her at 4th or 5th spot?

  • Angel E.

    The BAFTA’s shouldn’t even count as a precursor to the Oscars.
    Im not even surprised that King’s Speech to home everything.
    The Social Network to me was much better than it and I HOPE it takes home the Oscar.

  • I still have my money on Hooper. The BAFTA disagrees with the academy much more than the DGA disagrees with the Academy. But I definately could see it happening, and boy would it be deserving!

  • @julian – Helena Bonham Carter is only getting support because ‘The King’s Speech’ has been so widely loved. She hasn’t received much individual precursor support outside of England. I see Melissa Leo and Hailee Steinfeld as the frontrunners because they have each won the most precursors. Amy Adams also has a lot of support and some are even speculating that she might be one of the leads. I would rank the candidates Leo, Steinfeld, Adams, and then HBC/Weaver. The only way I could see HBC winning is if ‘The King’s Speech’ has a blinding sweep. I don’t see that happening at the Oscars the way it did at BAFTA.

  • Jose

    Alex, what about Leo’s “For Your Consideration” campaign that she herself did? Supposedly it turned off a lot of voters against her and people are predicting that either Steinfeld or Adams will take her place as the winner (I’m still hoping for Steinfeld).

    But yeah, Carter will only win if the film is doing a sweep, I guess we can tell if it’ll win big that night if it starts taking prizes as soon as the thing starts?

  • julian

    Ok, I see your point, alex, but amy adams hasn’t won anything of significance in the precursor season, so I do believe the love for TKS and her BAFTA win puts HBC in front of Adams, but behind Leo and Steinfeld.
    Weaver is a wild card. I honestly believe that a majority of voters who have actually seen Animal Kingdom will go for Weaver. The problem is, that not many have. IF Animal Kingdom had been a “hit”, Weaver would have won…

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