‘The King’s Speech’ Upsets at Producers Guild Awards

A rare twist in the 2010-2011 movie Awards season occurred last night as Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech managed to beat out favorite The Social Network to win the Darryl F. Zanuck Award at the 22nd Producers Guild Awards. This is one of the most significant Awards of the year with the winning film going on to win Best Picture 14 out of the 21 times this Award has been given out. The past decade has seen a slight rift formed between the Producers Guild and the Oscars with only 6 of the 10 PGA winners getting the Best Picture trophy, but the group is a solid indicator of the direction of the Awards race.

The Producers Guild of America is just one voting group, so there should not necessarily be too much stock placed in their decisions. However, many of the Producers in the Guild are also registered voters in the Academy so their decision should not be taken lightly. It could be observed that the Awards that The Social Network has been collecting all season have mostly been given by groups of critics or journalists (Broadcast Film Critics, Hollywood Foreign Press, etc.) and that a given year’s critical darling is not always the film that takes home the top Oscar.

It is very rare that the Producers Guild disagrees with the Critics Choice Awards and the Golden Globes. There actually hasn’t been a time in history when both the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association chose the same film while the Producers Guild has chosen another. There has been some mixing up, like in 2006 when all three went different directions with BFCA choosing The Departed, HFPA choosing Babel, and PGA choosing Little Miss Sunshine. However, in that year the precursor season was rather ambiguous while this year it has been apparently obvious.

The real test will be with next weekend’s announcement of the Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild Awards. If The King’s Speech can pull off an upset there, than the conversation will really have to change directions. Otherwise we can just call this one group that decided to go its own way.

Other Awards given out by the Producers Guild of America at their annual awards ceremony were Best Animated Film which went to Toy Story 3 and Best Documentary which went to Waiting for “Superman”. The entire list of PGA Awards can be viewed below.

Producers Guild Awards 2011

The Darryl F. Zanuck Award
Producer of Motion Pictures:
Producers: Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin

Producer of Animated Motion Pictures:
Producer: Darla K. Anderson

Producer of Documentary Motion Pictures:
Producer: Lesley Chilcott

What do you think? Does this award indicate a change in the Oscar race? Or is the PGA acting alone?

[Source: Deadline]

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  • At least now we have a bit more of a race. If The Fighter wins SAG with Social Network taking DGA, then it’s a real nail bitter!

  • This is unfathomably weird, I did not see that coming and I have no idea what it means. This is about the last group I expected to go this route (other than directors I suppose).

  • I’m hoping that The King’s Speech will win best picture, but I’m still predicting that The Social Network will win instead.

  • I am the exact inverse of you Brandon, so I hope your prediction is right. But the only way I can explain this particular award is that there is a lack of Social Network support (or extensive support for Kings Speech) within the academy.

  • Jose

    I can see The Fighter taking the SAG and The Social Network taking director, but this for some reason does not make me excited.

  • julian

    could the fact that scott rudin received a special award by the PGA that very same night possibly have played a role in the TKS upset? Awarding Rudin twice would have been a bit rich, right? And the voters obviously were aware of this special circumstance when they submitted their vote.

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