//The Lack of Activity Will Soon Cease

The Lack of Activity Will Soon Cease

I just finished a move and am in the process of settling in to a new apartment. I made the mistaking of not arranging for internet until after I was already moved in and therefore have to wait a week until they are available for installation. It’s times like these when you just don’t want to do anything constructive. I’ve been digging into the DVD collection and watching some impulse buys that I threw into the back of the collection and never saw. Here’s the scoop for the next week or so:

  • Charlie Chaplin month will continue into June. I’ll have a few more reviews posted and then a top 10 list next week.
  • The Monthly Trivia Contest will pick back up at the end of this week (Thursday or Friday) with three in a row and the person with the most after that will be declared the winner. Tie-breakers will be determined by who submits fastest on the last day of the contest.
  • My review of Up should be posted tomorrow or Wednesday. What a beautiful, fantastic film. Damn you, Pixar, for making my cry within the first 10 minutes.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and messages and be sure to check Twitter for more updates. I apologize for the lack of activity and I’m looking forward to getting going full speed again.


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