The Reel Geezers Love ‘Precious’

Those geriatric Academy members who love to spout their opinion via online video are back again. The Reel Geezers have posted a video review of Precious in which they call it unlike anything they have ever seen. They call the acting “brilliant, brilliant” and compare Mo’Nique’s performance to Joan Crawford. They also comically mispronounce Mariah Carey. Check it out:

The Reel Geezers are a good gauge for the opinions on the older members who make up a good portion of the Academy. It was there unceasing praise of Michael Clayton in 2007 that caused a lot of people to predict Tilda Swinton for Best Supporting Actress and lo and behold, she won. It’s hard to say that their praise of Precious helps the movie because it’s a film that is already enjoying almost universal praise. However, it does show that the Academy feels just as strongly as critics and audiences.

[Source: Hollywood Elsewhere]


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