//The Sound Design of ‘The Social Network’

The Sound Design of ‘The Social Network’

It’s easy to understand the complexity of sound design work that goes into the loud action movies, but not enough appreciation at the Oscars and elsewhere is given to the quieter movies. Dramas like David Fincher’s The Social Network do not contain gunshots, explosions, or car chases, but the sound work is just as complex as any of the mainstream blockbusters. The SoundWorks Collection has released their latest video profile of the sound design on The Social Network and as always it does not disappoint. It’s fascinating listening to Sound Editor Ren Kylce talking about how they traveled to Boston and San Francisco just to record exterior sounds because the everyday background noise in the two cities is noticeably different.

I’m looking forward to seeing The Social Network for a second time this weekend and paying extra attention to the audio flourishes mentioned in the video. Check it out whether you have or have not seen the movie because it is spoiler-free.

The Social Network will be in theatres Friday, October 1 in the U.S.

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