The Story of Moses to Get the ‘300’ Treatment


Can you just imagine a bearded Moses using his staff in a dramatic fight scene as he kicks heathens off of Mount Sinai? Well, that image might become a reality as 20th Century Fox has announced that they will be producing the story of Moses with green screen technology similarly to the film 300. The story will follow Moses from his near-death as an infant through his royal upbringing to his eventual deliverance of the Hebrews from enslavement.

The film will follow the Book of Exodus including the plagues of Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea, which was so famously portrayed by Cecil B. Demille in the 1956 classic The Ten Commandments. It will also include new elements of Moses’ life from Rabbinical Midrash and other historical sources that have yet to be portrayed on film.

Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark will produce the film based on a script to be penned by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage (Accepted). The director for the film has not yet been named nor have any cast members names been tossed around.

No doubt this film will have great Box Office business as it taps into the built in Christian base in America which came out in droves to see The Passion of the Christ. The Moses story has the added benefit of appealing to the Jewish community as well.

As far as actors for the role, my early suggestion is Val Kilmer. Kilmer has established himself as a Moses wannabe through his voice acting role in the animated film The Prince of Egypt and also as the star of the stage musical – The Ten Commandments: The Musical (which is not supposed to be hilarious, but is). In fact I would love to see this film produced as a musical. What a unique mash-up a Ten Commandments, 300-style musical be?

[Source: Variety via Rope of Silicon]

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