Three Clips from ‘Ponyo’

Trailer Addict has posted three clips from the upcoming film Ponyo from the great Hayao Miyazaki. A lot of people are anticipating this film, so I thought I would share. The film is being described as Little Mermaid with no singing and more human scenarios (i.e. not Disneyed up). In the first clip, Ponyo escapes from the sea. It is refreshing to see non-CGI animation that still looks so fantastic:

More clips after the jump…

The second clip is very short, but you get a feel for the character of Sosuke (and the unfortunate voice-acting of that Japanese anime is doomed to suffer):

The last clip cracks me up, although I’m not sure it is supposed to. Most notable the last line in the clip:

What do you think of the clips and how excited are you to see the film?


  • fun stuff – PONYO, great name too

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