TIFF REVIEW: ‘The King’s Speech’

Film Misery reader and Toronto resident Kelly has the distinct pleasure of seeing several of the offerings at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and she has kindly offered to share her thoughts with you faithful readers. She has seen the highly buzzed film The King’s Speech and her praise for the film seems to echo the general consensus. If any of you have questions I’m sure she would oblige you with an answer in the comments or on her Twitter page.

The King’s Speech

In the last week this film has started to generate some serious buzz. Director Tom Hooper said while introducing the film today, that he had just finished the movie this past Tuesday, which makes me wonder if I saw the same film as Telluride. Regardless, The King’s Speech lives up to the buzz. It was absolutely gorgeous; the colours of brink-of-war England were mesmerizing, and the cinematography astoundingly beautiful. The framing perfectly picks up on the loneliness and fear of King George VI (“Berty”) in every scene. The word that comes to mind is claustrophobia, even when in session with Logue, Berty still feels every eye on him, as the room closes in and he tries to speak.

The movie is surprisingly hilarious, without making fun of the situation. David Seidler’s script is compelling and personal. I had a few moment’s of ‘who is this actress, I know I’ve seen her in something’ before realizing Helen Bonham Carter could play a Queen and do a damn good job. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush both give fantastic performances and Firth is mesmerizing of course, proving, once again, he is one of the best.

Verdict: A superbly written, directed, acted, and shot masterpiece. I can’t wait to see it again, and will someone give Colin Firth an Oscar already?

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  • Quinn

    Lucky. I can’t wait to see this, and your review makes me want to see it even more.

  • Jose

    Now I will definitely see this, November 26 right?
    Shoot its probably limited.

  • I’ll say it again, I call this as this year’s Best Picture, I also will call it the Cadillac Peoples Choice Award as well.

  • Jake G.

    I cant see this movie winning Best Picture but its definately a contender!!! From the clips I have seen so far it looks very well made!

  • It’s an early call.

  • Andrew R.

    I think this will get nominated in Picture, Actor, S. Actress, and Screenplay.

  • Jose

    Costume Design and Art Direction, don’t forget about those.

  • Andrew R.

    @Jose-I was listing major awards, but those seem likely too.

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