Today in Fanboy News – ‘Avatar,’ ‘Dark Knight,’ and ‘The Hobbit’

I typically avoid frequent and obsessive postings about the latest rumors concerning fanboy franchises because of the fact that there are 100 other sites that already do that and I don’t usually think those films are very good. However, today such a windstorm of fanboy film related news has broken that I feel I would be foolish to ignore its existence. I’m also curious to hear the responses of Film Misery readers in terms of whether these announcements increase the anticipation to see the movies or not.

The first major bit of news is that the labor disputes surrounding The Hobbit have been resolved and the film will be shooting in New Zealand, just like the Lord of the Rings films. This is the second piece of good news that has come in a week for an upcoming blockbuster that seems to be plagued with problems. Now the cast is lined up, the production budget is set, and the filming location is confirmed. All that is left to do is get those cameras rolling.

The relatively new fanboy franchise created from the mind of James Cameron (and the various scripts he stole plot from) as it has been announced that the director’s next two films will be Avatar 2 and 3 set for release in December of 2013 and 14 respectively. The first film broke just about every important Box Office record in existence and the sequels can expect similar success as the blue Na’Vi are now recognizable and empathetical characters. It will be interesting to see how he manages to come up with enough new plot points to create two sequels, but given the endless creativity of James Cameron, I know he will find something.

The final piece of news, and the one that I personally care the most about, is the announcement by Christopher Nolan that his third Batman film will be titled The Dark Knight Rises. It is still on pace for a spring of 2011 start and a 2012 release, but those details may change. Nolan also admits that the film will not feature the villain The Riddler, as had been widely speculated. It will also not be filmed in 3D, but in IMAX like he did for the first two installments. The Dark Knight Rises is not a very impressive title, but it does sound exactly like one of the comics that the films have been based on. I’m assuming that Warner Bros. wanted to maintain the association with The Dark Knight considering how successful that film was, so the new title is something of a compromise. I’m also eager to her what villain will be featured instead of The Riddler.

What do you think of today’s batch of announcement? Do they increase your anticipation? Are they even worth talking about?

[Source: USA Today, L.A. Times, /Film]

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  • Andrew R.

    The Hobbit-YAY! If Peter Jackson gets “The Hobbit” nominated for Best Picture, LOTR will be the first movie series to have four movies nominated for Best Picture. (Please, Francis Ford Coppola, don’t make Godfather Part 4 to beat him.)

    Avatar 2-I really liked the first one despite its awful script (Unobtanium? Really?), but the sequel does not have me psyched.

    Dark Knight-Bad title, I have no problem with The Riddler not being included, and I want to hug Christopher Nolan for not filming in 3D.

  • “Avatar 2” – Could be great, but only if James Cameron gets someone else to write the script. Andrew R. is correct, it was awful.

    “Dark Knight Rises” – Hmm. Don’t really care. Could this finally be a “threequel” that’s good? I kind of doubt it, although if anyone can do it, Christopher Nolan can.

  • “The Dark Knight Rises” – I love it. Rises serves as a similar verb to Begins. Hence it is connecting the titles of the first two films in a weird way. I’m guessing I’m going to be in a minority on this one. It also has a nice comic-book ring to it and fits thematically. I love it.

  • Can’t wait for the Avatars

  • Jake G.

    James Cameron is going to have to work hard to get Avatar 2 and 3 Best Picture Nominations! But I think he can pull it off!!! Peter Jackson will make The hobbit series so easy and good that Hobbit 1 and 2 are 2012 and 2013 Best Picture Nominations automatically!!! And The Dark Knight Rises will hopefully win Best Picture of the year! It will be an exciting race between “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Hobbit Part 1” for 2012 Best Picture! Two upcoming Blockbusters for Best Picture! NOW THATS WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose

    If Catwoman is in The Dark Knight Rises, we’ll know why he’s rising.

    As for Avatar 2 and 3, I still don’t understand why they’re making the sequels. It seems better as a stand alone story.

  • Anessa

    @Jose: Horrible joke hahaha, Catwoman has been portrayed to many times though. So with with Riddler out of the picture, here’s me hoping that Hush will be a villain in Dark Knight Rising.

    As for the Avatar new, eh. Not because I think it going to completely suck, it’s just expected. He’d mentioned before that if Avatar did well he had ideas of what a 2nd and even 3rd movie could be about. So yah not really exciting news for me.

  • Christopher Nolan never ceases to surprise. The Dark Knight Rises has to grow on us all, but at least it isn’t as dumb as Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon, which, I predict will be nominated for countless Razzie’s. Christopher Nolan is not a predictable man, he always has something up his sleeve, and I’m sure this next film will be great. I think we all know that this will be highly anticipated, and will generate a billion, maybe a 1.5 billion. I can’t wait to see this.

    The success that Peter Jackson had with LOTR, I think we can all assume that the two new installments of The Hobbit will be successful too. Im anxious to see how it turns out.

    In my mind however, Avatar sequels are a joke. If the first movie had a “It’s been done” story, do i really want to watch another? Im sure he’ll come up with a way to leave a cliffhanger at the end of the 2nd, so the people watch the 3rd. James Cameron WAS at one point great, now he just wants to live in a fantasy world where we watch cat-people in a different world, while he laughs it up with 2 Billion in the bank.

    Finally, Jake G. up there needs to calm his horses, predicting The Dark Knight Rises winning Best Picture is like predicting tomorrows lottery numbers. Anything can happen. With Nolan writing & directing thought, it will be a movie with great reviews, and hopefully nominations.

  • Jake G.

    Umm i said it will hopefully win because i want it to and it has a really good chance! And who are u to tell me to calm down!? I will say whatever I want! And finally , dont doubt the The Dark Knight Rising!!! Got that?

  • Just shut up….
    I can tell you what i want as much as you can tell me…

    & I did & will…

  • Jake G.

    U hella think u are a badass! Just dont worry about what I write! And SHUT THE FU** UP! I am way smarter than u about movies!

  • Angel E.

    ha ha ha…
    when you learn how to write correctly, maybe ill take you seriously.

    & what are you 5?
    “I am way smarter than u about movies!”

    grow up…

  • Hey now, Jake G. and Angel E., let’s play nice.

    As much as I would love to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ finally get comic book movie nominated for an Oscar, it’s really hard to predict. I think that Christopher Nolan is a good director, but he’s not a flawless director, meaning he is capable of a film that won’t be marvelously reviewed. With all the bad luck that non-Pixar threequels have had, this seems like a really risky project. I’m hoping for the best, but we shall see.

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