//Today in Fanboy News – ‘Avatar,’ ‘Dark Knight,’ and ‘The Hobbit’

Today in Fanboy News – ‘Avatar,’ ‘Dark Knight,’ and ‘The Hobbit’

I typically avoid frequent and obsessive postings about the latest rumors concerning fanboy franchises because of the fact that there are 100 other sites that already do that and I don’t usually think those films are very good. However, today such a windstorm of fanboy film related news has broken that I feel I would be foolish to ignore its existence. I’m also curious to hear the responses of Film Misery readers in terms of whether these announcements increase the anticipation to see the movies or not.

The first major bit of news is that the labor disputes surrounding The Hobbit have been resolved and the film will be shooting in New Zealand, just like the Lord of the Rings films. This is the second piece of good news that has come in a week for an upcoming blockbuster that seems to be plagued with problems. Now the cast is lined up, the production budget is set, and the filming location is confirmed. All that is left to do is get those cameras rolling.

The relatively new fanboy franchise created from the mind of James Cameron (and the various scripts he stole plot from) as it has been announced that the director’s next two films will be Avatar 2 and 3 set for release in December of 2013 and 14 respectively. The first film broke just about every important Box Office record in existence and the sequels can expect similar success as the blue Na’Vi are now recognizable and empathetical characters. It will be interesting to see how he manages to come up with enough new plot points to create two sequels, but given the endless creativity of James Cameron, I know he will find something.

The final piece of news, and the one that I personally care the most about, is the announcement by Christopher Nolan that his third Batman film will be titled The Dark Knight Rises. It is still on pace for a spring of 2011 start and a 2012 release, but those details may change. Nolan also admits that the film will not feature the villain The Riddler, as had been widely speculated. It will also not be filmed in 3D, but in IMAX like he did for the first two installments. The Dark Knight Rises is not a very impressive title, but it does sound exactly like one of the comics that the films have been based on. I’m assuming that Warner Bros. wanted to maintain the association with The Dark Knight considering how successful that film was, so the new title is something of a compromise. I’m also eager to her what villain will be featured instead of The Riddler.

What do you think of today’s batch of announcement? Do they increase your anticipation? Are they even worth talking about?

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