Today in WTF – Disney to Produce a Mamet Anne Frank Film!?


Just as I’m about to stop reading movie news for the night, one of the most bizarre film announcements I have heard in a while pops up:

Here are the three steps of weirdness:

1) Another film version of The Diary of Anne Frank is in the works. Strange, considering how overdone Holocaust movies are, especially this particular story.

2) It will be written and directed by David Mamet. One of the smartest dialogue writers re-working a well-known play that is nothing like Mamet’s normal dialogue. I picture it will go something like this:

ANNE: “Shut the fuck up, Peter, the stormtroopers are down stairs.”
PETER: “Is this the shit you’re telling me? Who the fuck do you think you are? You write a fuckin’ diary and you suddenly are the expert on shit? Fuck you.”

3) It is being done by Disney. Okay, way too weird. Mamet and Disney are two words that should never be in the same sentence. I never could have imagined that I would hear Anne Frank, Mamet, and Disney all in one sentence. Just bizarre.

Anything weird happen to you today?

[Source: Variety]

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  • G1000

    Don’t judge until you see the finished product. However, I agree with you, very bizarre.

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