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The start of the Cannes Film Festival is just a few hours away and if you’re like me you are probably out there scanning the blogs and the social networking sites, wishing you could be there yourself. I thought I would make keeping up with Cannes easier by compiling the best sites on the net for coverage of one of the biggest and best film festivals of the year. Here are the top 10 sites to visit for Cannes coverage:

10) Times Online

Several of the writers from the British periodical are in Cannes for this year’s festival and they cover everything from who’s wearing what to reviews of the films that will be present. It’s frequently updated and worth checking for any extra information you might need.


Alex from will be at the film festival bringing interviews, photos, reviews, and tweets. All the updates come in blog form which gives you a first-hand perspective of the happenings at the festival.

8) indieWIRE

Gilles Jacob from the popular indie film website will be at the festival bringing you reviews, news, and thoughts from the festival. They have very frequent updates and are a fun site to check as frequently as possible for their interesting articles.

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Andrew O’Hehir’s “Beyond the Multiplex,” which is always a good read, is Cannes focused for the next few weeks. It should have great perspective into the behind-the-scenes of the festival.

6) Variety

The most popular trade site has excellent coverage of the business of Cannes including distributor updates and film market reports. It also includes some of the most well-written reviews from the fest and looks at the festival from international perspectives.

5) Screen Daily

This features up to the minute news, reviews, and opinions compiled on a nicely designed Cannes page. It also includes trailers and links to non-Cannes film news so you can stay on one page and be as updated as possible about your movie fix.

4) The Guardian

This site covers Cannes in pictures, reviews, news, and blog-style updates. The Guardian is one of the best list-making websites and their Cannes coverage is no different, including their latest list: Top 10 Books About the Cannes Film Festival.

3) Twitter

This social networking bug has changed film coverage in the past year, and it will no doubt change Cannes Film Festival Coverage as well. I’ve already sorted my subscriptions so I now who is there and who is not. Here are some Tweeters to check out for live Cannes coverage: @chiggi @abcatthemovies @markadamsmirror @CTAH1976 @WendyaCannes @Screendaily @firstshowing @djmecca @Up_dates

2) The Hollywood Reporter

The best comprehensive Cannes coverage website on the net. It has everything a wannabe festival goer could want including trailers, schedules, reviews, picture and video coverage, newsletters, interviews, and so much more. It’s the best place to start if you’re not that familiar with what’s going  on at Cannes and also great if you’re an expert on the fest.

1) Hollywood Elsewhere

One of the best Oscar blogs on the net is also one of the best sites for Cannes festival coverage. Jeffery Wells posts an insane number of updates including reviews, photos, interviews, and just stuff he’s seeing and doing. Nobody gives you a better first-person perspective of the festival than Mr. Wells. He makes you feel like you’re there.

Do you know of a site that’s not on here? Are you a Twitterer at Cannes? Post in the comments!

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