Toronto Film Festival Wrap-Up: Day 6


As the Toronto Film Festival progresses things are starting to clear up regarding this year’s Awards race. I’m starting to compile a new list of Oscar predictions, which are going to show up next week. For now here is what’s going on in that crazy Canadian town:


  • The Michael Cera Fight Club-esque film Youth in Revolt got its premiere in Toronto today and it sounds like Cera’s got a lot going for him. Chris Bumbray from JoBlo says he like the film more than he expected and compares it to a French New Waver masterpiece:

YOUTH IN REVOLT more or less plays out like an American, teen comedy remake of an old Jean Luc-Goddard/ Belmondo film called PIERROT LE FOU- in which Belmondo played a regular guy, seduced over to a life of crime and anarchy by a beautiful woman played by Anna Karina (to whom Doubleday bears a remarkable resemblance).

  • Atom Egoyan’s latest effort Chloe opened last night to mixed reviews. Roger Ebert was highly praising of the film (see “Other News” section below), but Alan Bacchus of Daily Film Dose says the film falls of the tracks and one of the only admirable parts of the movie was Julianne Moore.
  • Tim Blake Nelson’s new film Leaves of Grass, a serio-comedy (if I may use the often over and mis-used term) about identical twins both played by Edward Norton. Jan Stuart of Screen Daily says Norton is due for some type of Awards attention this season.
  • One of the films that is considered a surprise of this year’s festival is Aaron Schneider’s Get Low about a hermit who plans to attend his own funeral. Scott Weinberg of Cinematical praises the legend of Robert Duvall in his review of the film.
  • It’s always wary when a critic calls a film “made for certain tastes.” Every film produced will appeal to different audiences, so it’s almost just a masked way of saying it’s not that good unless you’re really into _______. Todd McCarthy of Variety says Neil Jordan’s Irish film Ondine is the film for people really into the Irish storytelling tradition. I dig that.


  • As I mentioned above Roger Ebert felt particularly strong about Chloe and says the true surprise is Amanda Seyfried, who might now be taken seriously as an actress. (via Awards Daily)
  • Three films have suddenly emerged as Oscar possibilities by securing U.S. distribution today. Tom Ford’s A Single Man has been picked up by The Weinstein Company. Also, Yorgos Lanthimos’ Dogtooth and Nicolas Winding Refn’s Valhalla Rising have been picked up by Kino International and IFC Films respectively. Living in Cinema has the story.
  • indieWIRE has put together a pretty swell list of critics grades of the films at Toronto so far. The highest ranking films are A Serious Man and A Single Man, with almost straight A’s. Up in the Air and The Informant! also did well. The lowest scores unsurprisingly belong to Jennifer’s Body and Creation.

That’s the word from T-town. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

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