Toronto Film Festival Wrap-Up – Day 7


You can tell the fatigue is setting in for the reporters in Toronto. It’s forgivable to have a mid-week slow down in a week when most people are out watching films, conducting interviews, and tracking down news stories from sun-up to way beyond sun-down. Here is the low-down one week into the festival:


  • Some of the less anticipated films are getting their first screening at this mid-week point of the festival. George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead is the director’s attempt to reinvent himself in the genre he invented. However, Sean Dwyer of Film Junk reports that the movie is largely more of the same:

The thing is, when you’re a living legend, you’ve always gotta be looking over your shoulder, because there’s a good chance that at some point the students will surpass the master, so to speak. What’s more, if you’re constantly riding on your past successes, you run the risk of simply repeating yourself ad nauseam and becoming completely redundant.

  • First time director J. Blakeson’s premiere film got one of its screenings today and the marks are high. Alan Bacchus of Daily Film Dose says that based on the first effort, we should be able to expect big things from Blakeson and compares his style to Christopher Nolan and David Fincher. No pressure, though.
  • The bizarre superhero film Defendor has been making the rounds and some reviews are finally beginning to surface. Peter Sciretta of /Film says that it is a bit miscast, and not for everybody, but he is glad to see a superhero film outside of the DC/Marvel canon.
  • Support continues to increase for Rodrigo Garcia’s Mother and Child. In Todd McCarthy of Variety‘s review of the film he says that it is going to be a huge draw for women audience members and…Oscar voters. This could mean a huge boost for the film’s award chances.


  • John Foote from In Contention has written a piece about the Oscar buzz surrounding Michael Caine’s latest performance in Harry Brown. Could it earn Caine his first lead actor Oscar?
  • If you’re not sick of hearing Megan Fox speak, you can hear her in an interview about Jennifer’s Body with Drew McWeeny of Hitfix.
  • Jeffery Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere has written a humorous piece about an experience with the fatigue of being a 24/7 journalist in Toronto.

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