Trailer and Poster for Sundance Hit ‘Margin Call’ Debut

It seems like a lot of posts recently have expressed my excitement to see a particular movie based almost solely on the phenomenal cast that was assembled. The latest film to pique my interest for almost solely its cast is the Sundance and Berlin Film Festival hit Margin Call. The dynamite cast includes Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Simon Baker, Stanley Tucci, Zachary Quinto, Demi Moore, and Jeremy Irons. It is good to see Irons get a significant role again, especially one that appears to portray him as a villain. Between playing Simon Gruber (Die Hard 3) and providing the voice of Scar (The Lion King) he has proven that he can be menacing and very intimidating.

Margin Call is about a group of investment bankers in a 24-hour period at the beginning of the financial crisis. The trailer for the film appeared online today and on the surface it looks like a typical financial drama along the lines of Wall Street. There are a few characters who appear to be solely motivated by greed, a few characters who are good but unable to resist the temptation to make money, and a few characters who question why they are involved in the industry at all.

There have been numerous films made in the last several years that cast blame on the members of the financial industry who are responsible for the collapse (mostly documentaries), so it will be interesting to see if this film sheds any new light on the subject. The reviews out of the film festivals were positive, so I am looking forward to seeing it. Check out the trailer below via Yahoo! Movies and let me know your thoughts.

Margin Call will be in theatres in the U.S. on October 21, 2011.

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