TRAILER: ‘Big Fan’

Another film that made me really jealous of everybody who got to attend the Sundance Film Festival this year was Robert D. Siegel’s Big Fan. Patton Oswalt is a hilarious comedian and he showed through his voice-acting in Ratatouille that he can hold his own in a film’s central role. This looks like a fantastic chance for him to show his dramatic side. Nobody is talking about this film as an awards contender, but this awesome trailer may imply that it should be. At least for screenplay possibly. The trailer is below:

Big Fan gets a limited release on August 28, 2009.


  • For everyone anticipating seeing the film and Patton Oswalt’s breakthrough dramatic performance, be sure to check the official movie website for updates. Big Fan premieres in NYC and Philadelphia August 28th, and new cities and release dates are continually being added!

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