‘Twilight: Eclipse’ Breaks Midnight Record, Aims for Largest Single Day

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has shattered the midnight opening record set last winter by the other film in the franchise, New Moon. Eclipse landed in about 4,000 theatres in the United States on Tuesday night and raked in over $30 million, shattering New Moon‘s previous record of $26.3 million.

Last November after New Moon beat The Dark Knight to set the new record for a midnight opening the film went on to gross $72.7 million and set the all-time single day record. Eclipse is already on track to beat that number by several million as theatres around the country sell out their screens on a summer Wednesday. Eclipse will also have the widest theatrical release of all-time opening in 4,416 theatres, breaking Iron Man 2‘s previous record of 4,380. Overall, three 2010 releases are in the top ten for widest theatrical releases of all-time, the other being Shrek Forever After.

Eclipse now heads into the 4th of July weekend poised to end with a 5-day total of over $160 million. New Moon‘s 5-day total was $164.6 million, which was enough to give it the sixth largest 5-day haul of all-time. The type of audience that the Twilight films attract are the highly devoted base that see the films immediately and then sprinkle in a few repeat viewings throughout the film’s theatrical run. There is not as much interest from the general public, which is why the films have proven not to have much staying power and they typically never break records apart from their initial release.

The film opens worldwide this weekend and more records certainly stand to be broken. Do you think Eclipse will be in for the long haul or will Toy Story 3 be back in front of it before long?

[Sources: Box Office Mojo, Variety]

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  • I’d expect this one to stay in front for a while, judging by the fact that there weren’t that many people at my screening of “Toy Story 3”. Most of the people that want to see it already have. Since “Eclipse” is new, I’d expect it to take the lead for a while until “Inception” is released.

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