Two Big Films Delayed Until 2010


One film I was really looking foward to and another I was planning on seeing have both been pushed back to release dates in 2010.

The first was one of my most anticipated films of this fall – Paul Greengrass’s Green Zone. Universal has announced that the film’s release will be delayed until March of 2010. This usually signifies that a film will not meet expectations, but I still wouldn’t rule this film out. Greengrass has yet to disappoint and the smart book on which it is based is still very relevant.

The second is sci-fi period piece The Wolf Man, which was to star Benicio Del Toro. It has also been pushed back into the dead zone – February 12, 2010.

This doesn’t look good for either movie, but we’ll find out when they’re released. Oscar predictions will be updated next week with the corrections.


  • boonjon

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  • I have no idea what you just said…

  • Seriously, what was he saying? Looked like spam or somebody promoting a crappy website.

    I feel like the next few months may be a little Matt Damon-overload. I really like the guy, but don’t like it when one awards season has 2-3 performances that are being hyped (Cate Blanchett-syndrome).

    Wolfman sounds like it could be fun, but I am worrisome. I may be the biggest Del Toro fan out there, but some of the cast and crew makes me wonder if this movie might not live up to expectations. Honestly, ever since he lectured me into the ground in a horrific performance in Alexander, I have no desire to see Anthony Hopkins in anything ever again…new that is.

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