Use of 3D Glasses May Cause Headaches, Doctors Say

I’ve made my displeasure about the upcoming 3D takeover known in several articles over the past year. I don’t want to sound like the critics who said sound in movies was just a trend, but in my mind 3D is just taking it too far. With the new crop up of 3D television, its looking like this trend is here to stay.

Now, doctors say that prolonged exposure to 3D may cause some to experience headaches. This affects those who have minor to severe eye problems such as a minor muscle imbalance or near-sightedness. Many people have some type of eye issues, though most the brain deals with natural and do not require treatment. However, 3D provides a new type of sensory experience that the eye and brain are not accustomed to and may cause discomfort.

There have been no major studies linking 3D movies and television with headaches, but “Rick Heineman, a spokesman for RealD, a provider of 3D equipment to theaters, said headaches and nausea were the chief reasons 3D technology never took off.” Heineman claims that those issues affected older 3D projectors and many of the problems have been fixed by using a single projector, rather than two separate projectors with one for each eye.

Have you ever experienced eye problems from 3D? Are you going to buy a 3D television?

[Source: Reuters]


  • Jose

    Avatar gave me a headache after I watched it in 3D, so I believe those reports.

  • Question one: no. Question two: unless every film is in 3-D, no.

    I thought “Avatar’s” 3-D was great, though I didn’t like the film. And it didn’t bother my eyes a bit or give me a headache.

  • Anessa

    Well any movie at the theater gives me a headache if lm too close to the screen, but other than that Ive had no problems. But I can understand how it can be a problem w/ other people. I’ve even heard that there can be 3D video games in the future, now that will probably make people throw up.

    Ha, I’m sure when it comes to the point where people have gotton used to 3D a bit more there will be “studies” that say prolonged 3D exposure can cause cancer.

  • Everything fun causes cancer.

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