VIDEO: Children Re-Enact Best Picture Nominees

Here’s a good way to come down from the Oscar nomination adrenaline (everyone gets adrenaline, right?). AOL has released a video series of young children re-enacting films that were nominated for Best Picture. Among those included are 127 Hours, The King’s Speech, The Social Network, and my personal favorite The Fighter. Consider this your adorable distraction for the day.

127 Hours

The King’s Speech

The Social Network

The Fighter

[Source: AOL Moviefone]

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  • Jose

    That was awesome!
    But where’s Black Swan?

  • My favorite one was The Fighter. I would have liked if they acted out True Girt, Inception, and Black Swan. Although kids acting out Black Swan might be a little odd.

  • I think them re-enacting ‘The Kids Are All Right’ would really be hilarious. “Moms, why do you watch gay male porn?”

  • Jose

    Here’s them doing Black Swan:

    It’s not as good as the others.

    Alex, I can see the kids re-enacting the dinner scene, and imagine them in Winter’s Bone.

  • Andrew R.

    Do all the nominees!

  • Hahah little 5-year old kids asking their five year old lesbian moms why they watch gay man porn would be a little weird, but pretty funny.

  • I love the one they did for “The Social Network”. The rest are just a bit low of that same bar of cute hilarity.

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