Video Tributes to Elizabeth Taylor

Following the announcement of the death of Elizabeth Taylor, numerous video tributes appeared around the web. Some of the best are below:

The late Paul Newman paid tribute to the work of Elizabeth Taylor with this tribute from TCM. As a movie buff, very few things strike me with as much awe as watching and listening to a cinematic legend praise another cinematic legend. This is one of the best tributes and will hopefully played during TCM’s 24 hour Taylor marathon on April 10th. [Source: Hollywood Reporter]

This non-embeddable video features New York Times film critic A.O. Scott eloquently praising Elizabeth Taylor. He approaches her career from a critical perspective rather than the artistic and endearing perspective that Newman uses. Check it out at The New York Times.

On a lighter note, the great Carol Burnett was on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno last night where she recounts an amusing anecdote when she was pranked by Elizabeth Taylor. [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Stories are always the best way to remember somebody who has been lost and the above examples are great ones.

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