VOTW: ‘Inception’ Characters Don’t Get ‘Inception’

Don’t you hate when sketch comedy troupes take something that you thought was intelligent and intricate and make it look downright silly? That’s exactly what happens in the latest College Humor video featuring a cast of characters based on Inception. The comedy troupe makes a mockery of the most discussed film of the summer by attempting to explain its intricate plot in layman’s terms. Just…watch.

[Source: /Film]

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  • Jose

    Too funny! I’m still laughing!
    Don’t tell me you guys weren’t asking some of the same questions Ariedne was asking here, but I did what the rest of the characters here said to do and enjoyed it for what it was. But I sincerely think that college humor has something agaings Christopher Nolan.

  • Quinn

    That was hilarious

  • Anessa

    Honestly I didn’t think it was funny till the last bit, since I’ve already read or heard all the complaints too way many times before.

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