//VOTW: ‘Iron Baby’

VOTW: ‘Iron Baby’

The Babies doing things that grown-ups do is a joke that will never get old. It has been done countless times including the recent Landlord sketch with Will Ferrell and the Space Baby shorts on HBO’s “Funny or Die” show. The whole television show “America’s Funniest Home Videos” is based on babies doing amusing things. The baby market right now is booming and everybody wants a piece.

The latest addition to this craze comes from a visual effects company that has spoofed the movie Iron Man with their conceptual short “Iron Baby.” The video features the cutest crime fighter you will ever see and some rather impressive visual effects. I have to admit that I’m mildly amused by the video. It’s not nearly as funny as other baby videos, mostly because too much of it isn’t really the baby, it’s just a small version of Iron Man. The most entertaining baby moments are the ones that are completely candid and this short takes a lot of that randomness away.

Nevertheless, it is still likely to brighten up your day at least a bit:

[Source: Cinematical]

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