//WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Leads Charge Against the Cartel in ‘Sabotage’ Trailer

WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Leads Charge Against the Cartel in ‘Sabotage’ Trailer

SabotageI know, there are probably better trailers out there for The Wind Rises (filled with Ghibli gorgeosity and nicely timed critics adulation) and Paradise: Hope (conveying the film’s tricky mix of sweetness & pedophilia with careful humor), but somehow my interest was ignited by the first trailer for End of Watch director David Ayers’ next film, Sabotage. At a distance or on paper, this outwardly looks like just another post-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle, a brand that’s not been as fruitful as Schwarzenegger’s pre-Governor career. That may be exactly what it is, putting Schwarzenegger in front focus as the leader of a DEA team brought under fire by the drug cartel.

Tabling the unshakable morbidity and notable lack-of-humor in Schwarzenegger’s recent films, Sabotage excites on the basis of its ensemble cast and its director’s growing prowess. I admired End of Watch more than Justin or G Clark did, the propulsive, visceral ambition David Ayers put forward outweighing the grungy inconsistency of its 1st-person shooter, semi-mockumentary approach. Applying his growing aesthetic power to a more conventional story may serve him well, particularly matched with such a promising, underused cast that includes Olivia Williams, Mirielle Enos and Joe Manganiello amongst others. Set for release April 11, 2014, I’m instinctively more excited for Sabotage than for Captain America: Winter Soldier. Check out the trailer below and let us know where you stand.


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