//WATCH: Jesse Eisenberg Plots an Accident in ‘Night Moves’ Trailer

WATCH: Jesse Eisenberg Plots an Accident in ‘Night Moves’ Trailer

Night MovesKelly Reichardt is one of my favorite directors working today. Meek’s Cutoff is holding strong as one of my favorite films of the 21st Century. If neither of those have done much for you, I’m hoping Night Moves is the film for converts. Reichardt’s films to date have been stubbornly about period where nothing seemingly happens, but have nonetheless been charged by dire panic. The panic is on the forefront now in her first full-fledged genre thriller.

Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard star as Eco-terrorists whose brand of ecological justice is less communal or procedural than the gang in The East. Their goal here is ostensibly blowing up a dam, but there’s certain to be much tension broiling beneath the surface, as Reichardt is wont to do. Those skeptical of any of those actors will find themselves challenged in very different and intriguing ways, and here’s hoping the change is as welcome for audiences as it’s been for critics.

Cinedigm releases Night Moves on May 30th, 2014.

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