//Watch Two Mesmerizing 2-Minute Clips from Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’

Watch Two Mesmerizing 2-Minute Clips from Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’

GravityYou won’t hear us droning on about Superman vs. Batman or Avengers: Age of Ultron rumors out of San Diego Comic Con, because speculating the plot of movies that are still two years away is a dull and pointless exercise. One film that debuted a chunk of footage at the Con that we’re actually excited to see relatively soon, though, is Alfonso Cuaron’s space thriller Gravity. The film’s set open Venice Film Festival in a month, and as I noted in this article, I’ve had a weird experience with audiences watching the trailer. Twice I’ve had IMAX audiences burst into laughter at that final shot of Sandra Bullock spinning into the dark void of space, both times bringing out a great deal of frustration from me.

Well now we see that shot within part of its context in the film, as a 2-minute clip from Gravity has landed showing how Bullock’s Dr. Stone got to be drifting so far off in space. It’s only a taste of the film, but man, if it ain’t an exhilarating one. I imagine those jeering crowds will have a different reaction when they see the film on October 4th, because even watching this clip conventionally on my laptop had my jaw hanging open and my eyes widening with distress. I don’t think this will have the same social or sexual politics of Cuaron’s prior films, but it’s looking to be one hell of an enveloping experience. Take a look at the clip here, and then let us know what you thought of it in the comments! UPDATE: A 2nd clip also landed, and it’s just as exhilarating and twice as terrifying!

Does this clip make you more or less excited to see Gravity? Comment below!

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