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Image from 'The Descendants' which will play at the Toronto Film Festival.

I apologize for the diminishing activity levels on the site as of late while I have been enjoying some late-Summer rest. There is always a point in August when I realize that Summer is almost over and I have not nearly taken as much time to relax as I had hoped. Recently I have been catching up on some television shows, getting some projects done around the house, and engaging in this fantastic activity called “sleep.” Apparently you just close your eyes and slip into unconsciousness for an extended period of time and then wake up feeling great. Anyway, it is time to get things back on schedule.

With the unofficial start to Oscar season happening with the Venice Film Festival next week, Film Misery will be revving up its Oscar coverage. We will have two Oscar columns along with review round-ups of the movies that are expected to be big players. Along with Oscar coverage we will also have lots of reviews coming, some new interviews, classic film reviews, contests, and much more. Below is what you can expect this Fall at Film Misery.

Oscar Coverage

The Oscar Tracker column has taken many forms in its year of existence and I’m hoping to lock in a common format this year. Instead of breaking down individual categories like I have been doing recently, I will be using the column to cover every update that the previous week’s news has brought. This will include a list of ups and downs that shows what categories have seen changes. A new column simply title “Predictions” will be added to break down the individual categories like the Oscar Tracker is currently used for. Along with the columns there will also be detailed coverage of the precursor awards with a detailed chart and the “Movies to See Before the Oscars” chart will finally be updated.

Reviews and Interviews

I am going to start providing text reviews of the movies that we talk about on the Film Misery Podcast in order to expand on my thoughts and provide greater accessibility for people who don’t listen to the podcast (although, you’re a fool if you don’t). I also have two exciting interviews coming up. The first is with Evan Glodell, the writer/director/star of the independent hit Bellflower. The second is a round-table interview with a living screen legend who has appeared in several of my favorite films of all-time and another actor who starred in one of my favorite childhood movie franchises (hint: they’re related). Look for both of those coming in September.

Film Festival Coverage

The Venice, Telluride, and Toronto Film Festivals are among the best indicators of the Oscar race so we will have detailed coverage including review round-ups and Oscar charts. I am also excited to announce that a friend of mine will be attending the Telluride Film Festival and he has agreed to provide coverage for Film Misery. His name is Sam Krump-Johnson and you can find his coverage coming next weekend.

Usual Coverage

We will also continue the usual items that you’ve come to know well about Film Misery. Davin will have many DVD reviews forthcoming throughout the Fall. We will also be steadily continuing our Fantasy Film Marathon for a while longer with reviews of Juliet of the Spirits and Pan’s Labyrinth coming. Also, look for a new Daily Trivia Contest to be announced this week.

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Stay tuned for a great Fall at Film Misery!

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  • Asif Khan

    gr8 ……. so much things are about to happen :D oh an Oscars <3 <3

    plus i have to admit i am a fol coz i don't listen ;p

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