Welcome to the (Slightly) New Film Misery

If you’ve been browsing around the site you may have noticed a few changes to Film Misery this weekend, most specifically to the top menu and the sidebar. However, the biggest change to the site is the exciting addition of two new contributors.

I would first like to thank everybody who took the time to turn in an application to write for Film Misery. I carefully considered every application and after much deliberation I have decided to offer positions to Murtada Elfadl and Davin Lacksonen. You can read more about them and their new positions below:

Davin Lacksonen
Contributor/DVD Columnist

Davin was born in Ohio, lives in Wisconsin, attends a university in Oregon, and previously lived in Asia. Yet despite all this adventurous travelling, he spends most of his time away from reality, marveling at the cinematic creations of Billy Wilder, Orson Welles, and just about every other filmmaker. In those few and far between moments that he finds himself grounded in reality, he can often be seen running, playing guitar or (most likely) writing. Davin aspires to be a film critic or a screenwriter as these professions combine his two passions, writing and films.

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Murtada Elfadl
Contributor/Facebook Editor

Murtada is a movie fan and pop culture connoisseur who lives in New York City. Originally from Khartoum, Sudan, his love affair with movies began when he watched The Sound of Music daily for almost the whole summer when he was 12. When not watching movies or obsessively going through all the pop culture blogs on his google reader, Murtada occasionally updates his blog at http://me-says-m.blogspot.com. He makes his living developing and marketing new financial services products.

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I know that you will all be happy to welcome them as the add to the content and features on Film Misery. They will be helping me to keep up with movie and Oscar news and previews and they will also each have their own columns. You can see under the Features  menu above that there will be new columns and more organization in the columns that already exist. Film Misery is converting into a more magazine style of publishing with full articles and columns along with the reviews and Oscar pages.

The other minor change that will be occurring is how the Career Appreciation is handled. Instead of doing the monthly routine that alternated between American director, foreign director, actor/actress, and other film crew we will only be covering American and foreign directors and the cycle will be one for every two months. I realized that I was wearing myself out trying to post as frequently as I was, so this system will allow me to go deeper and also give each career their proper coverage. September and October will be devoted to the great American director John Ford and November and December will see the appreciation of the Austrian auteur Fritz Lang.

As always I encourage your comments and suggestions on how to continually improve the site and I thank you for your participation!

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