What did you think of ‘The Social Network’?

Now that the highly anticipated film The Social Network is finally in theatres, I thought I would open up a thread to hear your thoughts.

Are you with the majority of critics who are head over heels in love with it?

Are you like me in that you find it a flawed, but very important film?

Or did you have a completely different reaction altogether?

Did the mass amount of reviews and discussion leading up to the movie influence your expectations or opinion at all?


  • Saw it two weeks ago and reviewed it on my blog. It really is a fantastic film, does it define the decade? probably not, maybe to some people. Most of the negative reviews I read piss me off because they are negating it by saying that its not a defining film. That’s what I like to call a criticism of critiques.

    Putting aside any other comment from any other critic. Personally I believe this is the best film i’ve seen this year, it conveyed a deep message while pushing the story forward. Kept attention. Therefore I will give it 5 stars, I also state in my review that it won’t be for everyone.

  • All around it was really good. There was nothing groundbreaking about it. It didn’t do anything wrong and they did good job at dramatizing a story to make it more interesting. Surprisingly Timberlake did a considerably good job with the character. It won’t win Best Picture, but it will definitely be nominated and it will probably win Best Adapted Screenplay.

    There was also a much longer True Grit trailer before it that looks really cool.

  • I’ll tell you in November :)

  • nat

    liked it, but didn’t love it . Way too hyped. Definitely one of the top ten best picture this year, and i think i’ll be alright with it winning best picture, but it is too early to tell if it deserves it. i felt that the direction lacked, it could have been better. But the screenplay and the performances are what makes this film good. And it should definitely win best adapted screenplay.

  • Pat

    I thought it was fantastic. Eisenberg was great, Garfield was unbelievable, and JT and Hammer played their roles to near perfection.

    I still favor Inception because few movies have amazed me and made me think as much as that film, but the Social Network is easily my #2 of the year thus far.

    I’d say nominations for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Garfield), Best Director, and Score are all a given and if Sorkin doesn’t win Best Adapted Screenplay I would be shocked.

    Basically in all I’d find it hard to disagree with it winning Best Picture

  • Jose

    A film winning the best adapted screenplay oscar that’s not Toy Story 3?

  • I’ll be seeing it on Sunday. Look for a review a little while after that.

  • It’s a great movie. I was entertained and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m just not quite sure yet it’s the best movie of the year. I need to see more movies.

    Jesse eisenberg is fantastic and while I understand why Garfield has been singled out from the excellent supporting cast – he has a very emotional scene – the performance I liked was Armie Hammer as the winkloss brothers. They were presented to be resented and he excelled at that.

  • I really want to see Eisenberg get nominated for an Oscar…just because he’s come so far with this film, I know he can’t win with Franco and Firth up there, but it be really nice to see this guy get some recognition, and overall be taken more seriously as an actor.

  • I wouldn’t say immediately if it’s the best of the year, but it does define our generation in a spectacular way. It’s currently tied with “The King’s Speech” for my affection. I’m not sure if another film will come in at the last minute to steal the show. I think “Deathly Hallows: Part 1” will have more awards presence than most think it will, but it will never make enough of a dent to challenge the top two.

  • Best film of the year. Deserving of all its praise. However, I think it might be trying too hard to be Citizen Kane. The structure and themes are identical. But most importantly, the symbol of Erica Albright as Rosebud is a pretty strong connector. Although, the Erica Albright character was my favorite part.

    Note: My comparisons to Citizen Kane (as with most other comparisons) are strictly thematically and structuarally speaking. NOT about the quality of the movie.

  • I loved it. My review will be up on Monday or Tuesday, and it’s definitely getting an A. Sharp dialogue, great acting, a fascinating story… what a movie. Tough call if it’s better than “Inception”, but right now I’d be inclined to say yes. Outstanding film.

  • Was anyone else put in awe by the epic In the Hall of the Mountain King rowing scene?

  • You mean the techno “In the Hall of the Mountain King” scene? It was quite enjoyable to watch the Winklevoss twins fail. Sorkin wrote them as so confident yet unlikable that it was wonderful watching them fail.

  • Andrew R.

    I didn’t get to see it this weekend. :(

  • Alex: I actually meant more as a visceral expirience then what is actually happening with the Winklevosses. The cinematography, editing, and Trent Reznor’s finest hour make for a lovely combination.


  • Quinn

    I had a chance to see this AND The Town in the SAME DAY, but then after a whole bunch of confusion ended up not being able to go. I couldn’t believe it.

  • Quinn

    Just saw it and I loved it! I remember just recently Aaron Soarkin saying how facebook was insincere, and it I think the ending when he sends a friend request to girl he got in a fight epitomizes that.

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