When to Go Pee During Movies

Why didn’t somebody think of this before? We’ve all been there. You’re enjoying a film that you’re seeing for the first time, but even though you ordered the small soda, small at the movies is about 32 oz. Youre bladder is telling you it’s time to pee, but you don’t know when’s the best time to sneak out without missing anything too important.

Now Cinematical points us to the brand new website RunPee.com. It features the newest releases in theatres and shows you what times during the movie are the best to sneak out. It also tells you times where you absolutely don’t want to run and pee. Here’s an example from Star Trek:

It’s always good to go to the theatre prepared. Check RunPee.com before you go if you suffer from a small bladder.


  • Owen

    or…go during the 45 minutes of previews before the movie!

  • Ralph Williams

    The lay out of this page is not very useful

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